Trying to read large or numerous XML files?

You have just found the solution!
Xtream Query is an Excel® Add-in built to easily and quickly perform stream queries on your XML files. Everything becomes simple: choose your files, select your nodes, and instantly see your results in Excel® while your query is running!

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import xml to excel

Work in Excel®

Xtream Query is fully integrated within Excel®: you can continue to work while your queries are running, and use the power of Excel® to analyze your results!

Multiple files

You can open multiple XML files, and query them at the same time! Once opened, easily select and unselect files you want to query.

Drag & Drop

Build your query in a second! Once your XML files structure is displayed, you can choose your nodes and attributes, and construct complex filters.

Read in Excel

Read your results directly in Excel, export them in CSV, or extract sub parts of XML!

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